With the Green Growth app, interested citizens can contribute to keep Suriname the greenest country on earth with 93% forest cover. Citizen scientists who keep watch on tree logging can contribute to complement existing national data on forest conservation. Data gathered by citizens can help scientists understand the drivers of tree logging and find solutions for it.

Suriname has few data on its forests due to limited well-funded research and monitoring institutions. The country aims to gather much needed data to effectively make decisions, plan and manage forests. Suriname’s forest contributes to the world’s climate change as one of two carbon negative countries globally and it harbors the world’s fourth largest amount of freshwater resources.  The app is available in de Google PlayStore and Applestore under Green Growth Forests or the Dutch equivalent Groene Groei Bossen.

Download the manual for use of the app.
Via app.greengrowthsuriname.org one could follow the inputs for Suriname.
View the press release (in Dutch) for this app.