In February 2023, we were suprised with a donation of SRD 318,430.00 by the Fernandes Bottling Company. They had decided to donate the proceeds of the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan fundraising to Green Growth Suriname, the mother organisation of Forest93.

Forest93 Ambassador, Christio Wijnhard, accepted the cheque and will continue to coordinate the mini-food garden project for children’s homes. With the donation five children’s home will receive mini-food gardens to grow vegetables and spices for their kitchens. Moreover, via a train-the-trainer program, a selection of young people from the children’s homes will be trained in woodwork and planting to make these food gardens themselves, and assist in planting.

Zie nieuws op Waterkant: Donatie Coca-Cola aan Groene Groei Suriname voor project kansarme kinderen

Handing over of the donation by Fernandes Bottling Company NV to Christio Wijnhard, Forest93 Ambassador
Forest93 Ambassador Christio Wijnhard, in the middle, with the cheque donated by representatives of Fernandes Bottling Company NV, Ayida Slooten (left) and Kimberly Sanrawi (right)