The cooperation between Forest93 and UNICEF started in 2022, a year after UNICEF initiated the Plastic Footprint Suriname project. The project is aimed at establishing mechanisms to support (young) people to take climate action by reducing their various types of footprints effecting climate change, especially their plastic footprint.

The activities under coordination of Forest93 Ambassador Christio Wijnhard aim to stimulate climate friendly behaviors through active engagement sessions in schools and community platforms. The Plastic Footprint Change Agents (all between 18-25 years old) developed their own awareness materials, which they use in their workshops for schools.

During the project, schools and special interest groups were included in the awareness sessions. Plastic Footprint Agents – a group of 20 youngsters from 4 districts – are trained in topics on climate change, environment and plastics, execute the awareness sessions themselves. Both primary and middle schools from various districts are included. Other special interest groups, acknowledged as vulnerable groups, were also included such as the Kennedy Stichting for children with a hearing impairment and LGBT-youths. These Change Agents organized 26 awareness sessions and visited 18 schools at primary and middle school level throughout 4 districts.

During the workshops information is giving around the 5R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. Participants can win give-aways such as re-usable drinking bottles, reusable shopping bags or bamboo tooth brushes.

The project will continue to January 2024, by then over 1050 people will have been directly involved in an awareness activity.