Our Green Growth Champions organised a fundraising in mid 2021 to start mini-gardens for children’s homes. This was a welcome initiative in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where most children couldn’t attend school and prizes for healthy food rose.

The mini-gardens, or gardening tables, are built by inmates from the country’s jail as part of a resocialisation project.
Mrs. Lilian Wiebers from Stichting Kari Yu Foundation coordinates the distribution of the tables to children’s homes. With the fundraising the Green Growth Champions gathered enough funds to distribute two garden tables to 15 different children’s homes throughout the country. The mini-gardens are delivered with plant material and a training.

The homes that already received two garden tables are:
1. Huize Campagne, Paramaribo
2. Smart Kids Academy, Paramaribo
3. Kindertehuis Ekklisia, Commewijne
4. Kindertehuis Leliendaal, Commewijne
5. Kinderhuis Elim, Wanica
6. Kinderhuis Riyos, Wanica

Op 9 juni 2022 hebben we Huize Campagne kunnen verrassen met vier Tiny Gardens dankzij een inzameling van Radio Mart/Ladies Table Talk. Deze zijn aangeleverd door de organisatie Tiny Gardens Suriname.

See some media coverage of the project:
June 5, 2021 Press Release of the project: Green Growth Champions start gardening project for Children’s homes.

June 5, 2021 in United News: De Green Growth Champions zamelen geld in voor een tuinbakkenproject met kindertehuizen.

March 21, 2022 in Dagblad Suriname: Mobile vegetable gardens: know what you eat!

Our Green Growth Champions (2020-2021) introduce their social project:
mini-gardens for children’s homes.