The men’s national soccer team of the Republic of Suriname, called Natio, qualified for their first-ever CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament. In July 2021 they have represented Suriname in the USA. The team chose to represent Suriname as the Most Forested Country on Earth. They wore unique shirts with the Suriname flag and FOREST 93 messaging, and voiced this messaging in the many interviews for international press. Although the team created a lot of buzz as the talented newcomer; unfortunately with one win and two losses in the group phase, they did not qualify for the next round.

See the FOREST93 commercial, wishing Natio success in their first ever CONCACAF Gold Cup: Ala gi Mama Sranan (All for Mother Suriname/ Suriname’s forest). This title was taken from Natio’s pre-match yell: wan gi ala, ala gi wan. (one for all, all for one in Surinamese language).