On July 5, 2021, indigenous village Alalapadu introduced roasted nuts as a product extension of its TUHKA brand. A new product line has been added to the now well-known Tuhka oil, from the indigenous village of Alalapadu in South Suriname: roasted Brazil nuts. These Brazil nuts are intended for consumption and have a positive impact on the immune system due to their richness in fiber, protein and selenium (particularly good for cardiovascular diseases and the prostate).

The local production facility has become the main source of income for the community in Alalapadu. With every purchase of Tuhka oil or Tuhka Roasted Nuts, the consumer contributes directly to being able to provide for the own livelihood of the more than 120 residents in Alalapadu.

The community of Alalapadu is very proud of this development during the challenging covid-19 period. In their own statement (see video), the employees of the Tuhka Foundation in Alalapadu explain what production entails in terms of deployment, working hours and processing process. They also emphasize how important production is for their livelihood, as this community is one of the most remote villages in Suriname.

With financial support from the Amazon Forest Fund, Green Growth Suriname (GGS), in collaboration with local Tuhka Foundation in Alalapadu and Conservation International Suriname (CIS), has developed the ‘roasted nuts’ production line in 10 months. “The tremendous drive of the community itself has made this project possible. We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to a sustainable future for this small Trio community,” said Gwendolyn Smith of GGS. In the coming months, work  on the Tuhka Roasted Nuts will continue with funding from the French Government through the Our Future Forest – Amazonia Verde project.

Since 2017,  the community of Alalapadu has committed itself through a Conservation Agreement to protect the forest surrounding the village of Alalapadu (235,000 ha). This area includes the unique Brazilian nut trees. Ever since, CI-Suriname has been working to support Alalapadu in the sustainable production of Brazil nut related products, as part of the TWTIS program (Trio Wayana Nature Conservation in South Suriname in Development).

This new development fulfills the government’s ambition to further develop non-timber forest products (NTFPs) as a sector. Forest by-products are all products from forests with the exception of wood.

The Tuhka Roasted Nuts are for sale at various supermarkets and drugstores and via the webshop avoda.sr. The first variant of the Tuhka Roasted Nuts to be introduced is the unsalted pure nut, with no additives. The nuts are packed in bags of 200 grams. HEM Suriname NV is the official distributor. Information about the health benefits and points of sale of both Tuhka Roasted Nuts and Tuhka oil can be found on the Tuhka website www.tuhka.sr and via HEM Suriname NV on telephone number 472-351.