Danny Jeffrey Vanan “Jeff”

I support Forest93 as my two cents to help protect our global biodiversity for the benefit of humanity

– “Jeff”

Danny Jeffrey Vanan (born 21 December 1992) is a Surinamese sprinter, designer and upcoming entrepreneur. He is specialized in the 100m and 200m sprint and is the current champion of the 2020 South-American Indoor Championships in Athletics. He has participated in sprinting events within the South- American and Caribbean region as well as in Europe. Among his all-time personal top 10 competitions, he finished first place during six of those events. One of the most memorable ones was at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar 2019. His ultimate goal was to compete for Suriname in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 but unfortunately his plans were postponed due to an injury. One of his strong characteristics is his way to turn setbacks into moments of growth so he hasn’t closed this chapter of his life just yet. 

Danny has studied International Relations at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, graduating with a thesis on the possibility to implement Sports Diplomacy by the Surinamese government. Diplomacy in the 21st century is more proactive, multidirectional, and innovative than ever before. Politics and Sports Diplomacy describes the use of sports as a means to influence diplomatic, social, and political relations. Sports Diplomacy can allow nations and regions to work together on building security and prosperity through a shared love of sports. 

Aside from his sprinting career and his academic achievements, Danny is also very passionate about nature. He is well aware of the fact that attaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean exercising, eating healthy and watching your weight. It also means living in a clean environment which is why he has always shown concern about the increase in environmental pollution. Nevertheless, he is optimistic that life on earth can still be preserved, and is aiming to raise more awareness among the Surinamese people, including the wider world. He joined Green Growth Suriname (GGS) and became an GGS Ambassador in 2020. GGS is a nongovernmental organization that focuses on the growth of Suriname with an ecological and cultural balance. Currently, Danny is based in the Netherlands to advance his sports and academic career; from there he is helping to design projects for GGS, in order to contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of the citizens of Suriname and the world.

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