SuperSharda (Sharda Johnn)

Sharda Johnn, known as SuperSharda, is an international fashion model. She was born and raised in Suriname. After college she spread her wings to the other side of the world to study in China. Upon her return in Suriname, she worked as a junior diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Suriname when her international career took off.

Her modelling career showed her all parts of the world. She has already modelled for global brands in China, Italy, Germany, and the USA, and was shining bright on the covers of various magazines such as Vogue Italy, and Annabelle.

Wherever Sharda visits, she exumes her excitement and passion for nature, ánd Suriname. As a true ambassador of her country she spreads her love for her people, for Suriname’s food and its unique nature to everyone who will listen. When she is back home, in Para district in Suriname, she loves to be in her vegetable garden, where she fosters a variety of plants, herbs, fruits and tastefull vegetables.

Meet SuperSharda (Sharda Johnn)

Sharda on becoming a Forest93 Ambassador “I feel so honoured.” She hopes her dream of educating Suriname’s youth on nature, wildlife and important life skills such as self-awareness and confidence will be elevated with her ambassadorship. Sharda recently took over the chairmanship of the Wildlife Rangers Club of Suriname. On September 11, 2023, the Wildlife Rangers Club of Suriname celebrated its 50th anniversary, making it the oldest (even older than the Republic of Suriname itself) rangers club in the country. Sharda said at this occassion “the wildlife rangers club should be reinstated as a breeding ground for young people to become familiar with nature, become aware of their own talents and learn about developments in the wider world. That is our assignment for the coming years.”

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