Tosh van Dijk

“I believe that loving yourself means loving your country and what it has to offer. I also believe that the same way we strive to achieve our personal goals in life, we should strive to preserve our forest because We are Surinameā€.

Tosh Dwayne van Dijk (born June 6, 1994) is a Surinamese taekwondo athlete who is preparing to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2024 to become Suriname’s first taekwondo athlete ever to participate in these major games. Tosh has achieved top performances in taekwondo and has won several medals for Suriname such as the Caribbean Championships, South American Games, World Islamic Games and Pan American Championships.

In addition to being an elite athlete, Tosh is also a student of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, studying accountancy. As many say, Tosh wants to prove that school and sports can go together.

Tosh has made the conscious choice to join Green Growth Suriname (GGS), as a FOREST93 Ambassador, because Tosh has loved nature from his early years and, as an elite athlete, often withdraws into nature to extract energy and tranquility. Due to the fact that he gets so much out of nature, he finds it a shame when he looks around how people deal with nature and everything that it has to offer to us Surinamese and the world. He is committed to contribute in any way to preserve the forest of Suriname, so that not only he, but everyone can find peace, energy and healing in nature for many years to come.

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